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Metal industry
Metalworking and processing, machinery, tools and consumables in the heavy industry, companies operating in the metal industry and hydraulic systems
Plastic industry
Plastics industry, plastic furniture, plastic parts and consumables, plasticworking companies and plastics production
Wood industry
Woodworking industry, furniture, wood factories, companies in the wood processing industry

Promoted companies

Attiki » Athens
Viomihaniki Periohi Magoulas
Tel. +30 210 5553032-3
Attiki » Athens
3, Agriniou Str. Tavros
Tel. +30 210 4836315
Attiki » Piraeus
Ag. Eleftheriou 149 Kaminia - 18541
Tel. +30 210 4815711-2

Business info

6th International Supply Chain & Logistics Fair - Industrygate
6th International Supply Chain & Logistics Fair

4-6 November 2017
With a deep knowledge and the accumulated expertise over a 10-year operation, the unique "Supply Chain & Logistics’ Fair", renews its appointment with the market on 4, 5 and 6 of November 2017, introducing a new era in fair events through a novel organizational approach.

Source: Metropolitan Expo (Athens International Airport)

10th Exhibition of Chemicals, Laboratory Equipment and Quality Control - Industrygate
10th Exhibition of Chemicals, Laboratory Equipment and Quality Control

24-26 November 2017
Chem intends to present companies which supply laboratory equipment, raw and supplementary materials, semi-finished and final chemicals, systems and equipment for production, processing and packaging, automations, equipment for professional and work safety, quality control, chemical services plus research centers, institutes, universities, research associations and enterprises.

Source: MEC Exhibition Center in Peania, Athens, Greece